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About 10fifty Mountain Bike Holidays

10fifty Mountain Bike Holidays was the result of a mountain bike guide thinking that if he ran a mountain bike holiday company he could provide better holidays. He still thanks that, and thinks that he has proved it. 10fifty is about the best mountain bike holidays and we make no apologies for that. We owned and run by the head guide, the other people involved, right down to the person repying to your emails in the office are mountain bikers. We don't do skiing holidays, we don't do action / adventure / extreme sports holidays, we do mountain biking holidays because thats all we are passionate about.

So what did we do to make our mountain bike holidays better than all the others?

Beginner Mountain Bikers? - No!
Firstly we don't take beginners on our guided rides. Its not fair on them, or on the group. If you are an experienced mountain biker who has has one week's holiday to experience the very best mountain biking you can you are not going to like waiting around for Billy Beginner to wobble around some easy switchbacks when you could be carving your way down some beautiful singletrack with the minimum of hold-ups.

Small groups for better mountain biking
Where other mountain bike companies try and get the maximum number of people out in a week with the minimum of guides we go the other way, small groups and more than enough guides.

Better mountain bike trails
This seems a little stupid as why would there be any difference in the trails that the different mountain bike holiday companies ride? Well there is. We are a specialist mountain bike holiday company that isn't a ski company looking for something to do with the chalet in the summer or a big corporate looking for new holiday markets. We are owned and run by mountain bikers, the boss is the head guide, so our emphasis falls on the riding. We go out ofour way to provide the very best mountain biking and each year we add to our already extensive portfolio of mountain biking fun. Its not some snowboarder taking you out for a few hours on the same old trails because it makes life easy for him - we are small and specialist therefore we have to provide you with the best mountain biking or else we won't survive!

Providing the whole holiday
It became clear to us that some of the companies thought that mountain bikers could just be given quantity, not quality when it came to food. We think that is disgraceful. It costs a bit more to provide good food but this is your special week biking, probably the highlight of your biking year, you want the works, home made chocolate mousse and all. You can be assured 10fifty prides itself with giving the full package with food and accommodation to match the quality of the mountain biking.

If you want to read what previous guest have said about us then read our Mountain Bikers' Guest Book.

With this website we also want to give you more. We hope that you enjoy the information that we have put on the site, get inspiration on a cold wet day by looking at the mountain biking pictures and video. If you want a permanent reminder of the great biking you can do with 10fifty then why not download a computer wallpaper for your PC or Mac.

Please keep coming back to www.10fifty.com as we keep adding mountain biking holiday and other information to the site. If you have any suggestion of what you think we could put on the site please email us at office@10fifty.com.


Get this wallpaper for your computer free from 10fifty



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