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USA Mountain Bike Holidays

As well as our alpine escapades, we are also offering a road trip holiday in the United States, taking in some of the best and most famous trails that they have to offer. This trip will give you a US sized portion of the rich and varied riding that is on offer in one of the ultimate holiday destinations. Starting in Denver and then travelling out to Utah and back to Denver again, we will stop at all of the top trails from Durango to Moab and everything in between.

From here we will go to the little known area of Fruita. You've seen the videos of people riding on mad looking formations that look like knife points? Well that's Fruita. An amazing place with some equally amazing trails. One called the Edge Loop, has got a thirty foot repel down an old waterfall and is a truly epic ride. From here we go to arguably the most famous riding mecca, Moab. Here you can ride the famous slick rock trail and the awesome Porcupine Rim, 14 miles of downhill; or maybe the Portal or Poison Spider trails. Once all of the riding is done for the day, there are the brewpubs to go and check out, superb beer and great food.

"Moore Fun" in Fruita

On the way back to Denver there is of course all of the cool shops to check out, North Face, Pearl Izumi, Levis and all of the great bike shops to pick up some bargain priced gear.

Accommodation on the trip will vary from rented accommodation with all of the mod cons to wooden huts, motels and the great outdoors. Again with food it will be very varied and most of the time we will eat out as it is so cheap to do so.

The spaces for the trip are very limited and the demand is so high, so contact us now. The dates for 2006 trip are yet to be confirmed. Email 10fifty us for more details and the cost.

This really is a spectacular trip and you will have am amazing time.

Why not check out the pictures of America in our Gallery section. Click Here!


And video of America too!





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