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Chamonix Mountain Bike Riding

The ribbons of trails that criss-cross the Chamonix Valley provide awesome mountain biking and are, in our, and most experienced riders opinions, simply world-class.

The mountain bike trails, which also interlink with those in neighbouring Switzerland, are of a technical nature so we do not offer the holiday to beginners and group sizes are also kept to a minimum.

On a mountain bike holiday with 10fifty you will get tough climbs and exhilarating descents , often taking in unspoilt mountain pastures and breathtaking scenery. With the huge number of serious bime climbs on offer, we are certainly not afraid in making use of the local cable cars and train service to increase the downhill and big grin factor.

The mountain bike trails that we ride around Chamonix are what we see as the best. With 10fifty guided mountain bike holidays not available to beginner mountain bikers(unless they holiday as 'non-riders') we do not have to compromise your holiday experience with mountain bikers who aren't up to your standard.

We have been mountain biking Chamonix since 1997 and as we are a specialist mountain bike holiday company, so for us the riding is top of the priority list, as I am sure it is for you!

Mountain Biking Chamonix's Trails Since 1997

The rides that we guide you on have been put together by the years of mountain biking Chamonix valley and going out of our way to find new, better mountain biking in the area. We are proud of the fast that we are the only mountain biking holiday company riding a lot of the trails we use. The others just aren't as serious about their mountain biking! This means that we are accessing a broad range of breath-taking trails from soft-loaming woodland downhills to stark, rocky trails that are coverd in snow most of the year. The main thing to remember though is technical difficulty; these are the trails that we how and those who come mountain biking with 10fifty say they love too.


The Chamonix Mountain Bike Trails

The level of technical difficult for the mountain biker is raised by a number of aspects on the trail. Firstly a lot of the trail obstacles that you will be mountain biking over or round tend to be larger than you would find in other places. This probably is a result of Chamonix's geography, with the steep sided mountains not allowing soil to build up and cover rocks, or hold them in place. Possibly more important and more easily noticable to the mountain biker is the frequency of technical obstacles when mountain biking a Chamonix trail. There are seriously rooty sections that last for 100m and rocky sections that demand the biker's concentration even longer. Chamonix's mountain bike trails will keep throwing things at you, and you need to be ready because they will be serious things that you and your mountain bike are going to have to deal with.


Find out for yourself - Mountain Bike Chamonix

The only real way to understand the Chamonix riding is after all, to mountain bike it for yourself. We are 99.9% certain that you will be blown away by the mountain biking if you haven't been here before, regardless of where you live. 10fifty is about getting the most out of mountain biking and the Chamonix area. If you want to see the absolute best, not just the 'regular' Chamonix mountain biking then you better get in touch and book your place now with 10fifty Guided Mountain Bike Holidays. You won't regret it!


Check out the mountain bike videos and mountain biking gallery section to see more of the riding you can do on a 10fifty bike holiday in Chamonix. Or read about our favourite trails from the mountain bike guides and those who have already enjoyed a 10fifty holiday.

Request a 10fifty holiday brochure ::: See the Chamonix webcam



Favourite trails from the mountain bike guides


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